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My name is Lindsey Vallender, owner, creator and maker of Sugar Spoon Natural Blends.  I've been mixing oils together to create a range of products free of chemicals for over twelve years. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease at the age of 14 so reducing chemicals and living toxin-free is very important to me. Sugar Spoon was born organically that way. I am constantly trying to improve my health by leading a cleaner lifestyle. I absolutely love meeting new people and sharing stories with you! 

I love all things nature and travel. My main squeeze, Steve and I love our fur babies. We have a dog, Nyla and two cats, Loki and Beau. All three are incredibly spoiled!  

Fun facts, Steve proudly makes all of the lip balms and bug sprays. Lindsey's favorite product is the makeup remover and the rose water is the prettiest to make! 

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